Christmas Tree Lane Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected every March. The Board meets once a month to discuss CTLA business and plan future activities. Meet the 2015-2016 Board:

Maureen Ward, President

I have been volunteering on the Lane for many years. We began by screwing in a few bulbs, enjoyed talking with the other volunteers, and I eventually became a CTLA Board member. Now I bring my grandchildren out to enjoy the morning activities with the other kids.

Tony Ward, 1st VP, Lane Foreman

My family lived in LA, but I had no clue where that wonderful place of my childhood had been located when by happenstance I moved here as an adult. I volunteer on a regular basis because I look forward to this unique community tradition and the interaction with all my wonderful neighbors & friends during the holidays.

Elvia Lahman, 2nd VP, Membership

Steve Lamb, 3rd VP, Communication

Maggie Chatman, Secretary

After 10 years of enjoying the Lane lighting I decided it was time to give back to the Altadena community and to CTLA, so 4 years ago I began volunteering. Because of CTLA I enjoy wonderful friendships with the other Lane volunteers and a sense of pride and accomplishment when I see the Lane lit each holiday season. It's magical!

Steve Elliot, Treasurer

I enjoy the friendships I have made in my 10+ years of participating in CTLA. The fun of working in the fresh outdoors amongst the beautiful trees and the camarade-rie that results from accomplishing a worthwhile and environmentally beneficial community effort, all make CTLA an enjoyable weekend and year-long activity.

Ron Baalke, Director

Gisela Baker, Director

Lucinda Haagenson, Director

Todd Lahman, Director

Mary Landau, Director

Linda Lane-White, Director

Gordon Seyffert, Director

Jo Stoup

Dr. Jae Townsend, Director

Regardless of ones particular belief system, Christmas Tree Lane is a source of joy and celebration in Wintertime. The deodor trees are from Himalayan seeds brought over, grown and planted by the Woodbury brothers in the 1800's; part of our Altadena history. These majestic trees deserve their status as a California State Landmark. When the Lane was lit in 1920, it became even more of a treasure from which all people may derive happiness. The Lane is a quaint representation of what Altadena is: enjoyable, green, anchored in history, a little offbeat and extraordinary. It has been an honor to serve of the Lane's Board of Directors since 2010. My husband, John Heffernan, and I are Altadena residents.

Scott Wardlaw, Director

Derek Nowak, Student Liason

Josh Tomoyasu, Student Liason