Christmas Tree Lane Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected every March. The Board meets once a month to discuss CTLA business and plan future activities. Meet the 2007-08 Board:

Maureen Ward, President

I have been volunteering on the Lane for many years. We began by screwing in a few bulbs, enjoyed talking with the other volunteers, and I eventually became a CTLA Board member. Now I bring my grandchildren out to enjoy the morning activities with the other kids.

Tony Ward, 1st VP, Lane Foreman

My family lived in LA, but I had no clue where that wonderful place of my childhood had been located when by happenstance I moved here as an adult. I volunteer on a regular basis because I look forward to this unique community tradition and the interaction with all my wonderful neighbors & friends during the holidays.

Alice Landolph, 2nd VP, Membership

When my children were young, I was involved in PTA, soccer and Scouts. When they grew up, I chose CTLA to continue my volunteering because of the tradition and the idea of Festival of Lights. Iâm happy to be working with members of my community plus to be in the great outdoors among the trees at a wonderful time of the year.

Maggie Elliston-Belker, Secretary

After 10 years of enjoying the Lane lighting I decided it was time to give back to the Altadena community and to CTLA, so 4 years ago I began volunteering. Because of CTLA I enjoy wonderful friendships with the other Lane volunteers and a sense of pride and accomplishment when I see the Lane lit each holiday season. It's magical!

Steve Elliot, Treasurer

"I enjoy the friendships I have made in my 10+ years of participating in CTLA. The fun of working in the fresh outdoors amongst the beautiful trees and the camarade-rie that results from accomplishing a worthwhile and environmentally beneficial community effort, all make CTLA an enjoyable weekend and year-long activity."

In addition, the 2008-08 Board includes Newsletter Editor Linda Lane-White and Directors Gisela Baker, Rodney Collins, Lucinda Haagerson, Hazel Harrison, Mark Holley, Roberta Lauderdale, Linda Lane-White, Elizabeth Nelson and Shirley Ward.